About the photographer

Thank you for visiting my online photo gallery.  I hope you get as much joy out of looking at the photos as I experienced taking them.  I take great joy in sharing with you the wonders of God’s creation in nature, people, in the things we create.   So much beauty and wonder exists around the globe and in my own back yard and I am pleased to play a small role in sharing that with you.

A bit about me.  I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the United States and still reside there.  I showed an interest in photography as a child and teen, but in those days film was the only option.  That made learning and experimenting expensive and time consuming.  So I put it away and focused on my studies, always dabbling in the visual arts from motion films, photography, to stage performance and design.  I remember picking the camera up again as young adult when I went on a mission trip to Mexico with my church.  I captured on film the emotional roller coaster we all felt as we experienced utter poverty for the first time tempered by great grace and love.  From that point on the power of the camera to capture and convey so much in a single static image took hold of me and I haven’t put it down since.

In my adult years the travel bug kicked-in.   I was blessed with a job at an international company that required long trips to places far from Florida.  I saw and experienced things I had never even dreamed of seeing.   I took advantage of the opportunity and saw as much as possible, always taking my camera along so I could share those places with friends and family.  I worked to capture them as I saw them, as though seeing them for the first time. This website came out of that desire to share.  I could instantly upload a photo and send everyone a link so they could browse and live vicariously through my experiences.

l should briefly explain the naming of my site.  My nephew gave me a little blue sock monkey one year.  I put that monkey in my bag and thought I would take pictures of him in different places to send back home to both my nephew and niece.  I gave him a rather simple name "Sock Monkey Blue".  People really enjoyed looking for him in all of my travels so I named my website after him.

I again thank you for visiting and encourage you to leave comments about both the pictures and the website.   I’m always looking to improve.   If you see a photo that you would like to hang in your home, office, etc. hit the contact button and we’ll make it happen.

God bless!

Philip “p-pax” Paxton

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